ONDC Marketplace

Netbazzar presents unique opportunity for our sellers to sell on ONDC marketplace.
We help sellers, shopkeepers to digitize catalogue, manage inventory, integrate with logistic, integrate payments   & accept orders directly from retailers in your area.

What is ONDC ?  : ONDC is backed by government of Inida to democratize ecommerce for everyone.

How can I become seller on Netbazzar ONDC marketplace ?  To be part of ONDC B2B marketplace contact us wholesaler@netbazzar.in with your company introduction.

Where can I sell my products with netbazzar ?
Your products uploaded on netbazzar seller app will be displayed to all ONDC marketplace and netbazzar offline franchise buyer app.

What is netbazzar offline buyer franchise store?
Netbazzar offline franchise store is ONDC integrated buyer app. Our franchise partner helps people in rural area to purchase products from netbazzar ONDC marketplace.

How netbazzar offline store operator help?
Netbazzar offline ONDC store owner helps rural people to buy & sell on netbazzar ONDC marketplace.

franchise operator help people to understand  product, features, returns , reviews & handle cusotmer service on behalf of people who can not access internet due to limitation.
Netbazzzar ONDC franchise also helps people to sell online. Rural people can sell thier products like farming products, handicrafts , foods etc.

How can I become netbazzar ONDC buyer  franchise store ?
Visit  franchise store information netbazzar.in to learn more.

Our mission of empowering everyone to be part of digital & financial inclusion . We help rural artist, farmers to generate additional income with help of ONDC.