Netbazzar Rural ONDC Kiosk Store

Now you can apply for netbazzar kiosk franchise store in your area at low investment & earn from netbazzar ONDC product.

What is netbazzar ONDC offline franchise store ?
netbazzar offline kiosk store is empowered by ONDC for rural micro entrepreneurs to help local community buy & sell online.

What people can do at franchise kiosk store?
Rural people can buy & sell on ONDC marketplace with help of netbazzar franchise operator.

How netbazzar (ONDC powered) kiosk operator help to buy ?
Netbazzar ONDC operator helps rural people to order various products from ONDC marketplace.  people who can not understand technology or read/write can get help from netbazzar ONDC operator franchise store.

How netbazzar ( Powered by  ONDC) kiosk franchise operator can help to sell ?
We train franchise store operator to sell on netbazzar seller app. Operator can help rural people to sell online all over India on ONDC platform.

What people can sell on netbazzar ONDC ?
farmer can sell various products like food, fresh vegetables. Women & artist can sell handicrafts , home made achaars with help of netbazzar ONDC store operator.

How people can get benefit with netbazzar offline ONDC kiosk ?
Our aim is to bring fruits of technology to everyone. We want to provide opportunity to earn living with help of ONDC marketplace.

Who handle GST when farmer/rural people sell on netbazzar ONDC?
Our store owner has GST license to sell products. People can sell their products to store operator who can list and sell products.

What about logistic ?
netbazzar is ONDC integrated marketplace. Logistic operator is also integrated. Buyer & seller can use ONDC logistic.

Who can be netbazzar ONDC franchise store operator ?
any one with basic knowledge of computer , mobile phone & English can join us.

How much investment needed to operate ?
You can start with 10,000 rs investment in technology

How can franchise store operator earn ?
franchise operator earn certain commission from orders booked. 

Is there any area exclusivity given?

We allow 2 store per 1000 population One operated by men & second compulsory by women entrepreneur. We believe in women empowerment so we reserve half store for womens.

How it works ?

Step : 1   Apply for netbazzar ONDC franchise & get brand identity

Step 2 : Help people in your village or town to buy or sell on ONDC network. 

Step 3 : Earn income from orders booked and selling activities 

Franchise owned franchise operated model.
Franchise fees : 10,000  franchise joining fees only.  1% commission on sales