eCommerce Export As Easy As Shipping Inside Country

coming Soon : Netbazzar helps Indian manufacturers & ecommerce sellers to export in various countries like US, UK & Middle east.

How it works ?

Step 1 : Sign up as supplier on netbazzar, upload products & get verified.

Step 2 : Shopkeepers in US browse your products & can order online on netbazzar using their payment methods.

Step 3: Exporter prepares wholesale order and ship to our container depot at Mumbai. Note : Exporter pays shipping to their warehouse to our container depot.

Step 4: Netbazzar consolidate all sellers small parcels in one container & ship to destination country & buyer.

Yes, netbazzar aims to make export as easy & cheap as shipping inside country.  

You save cost of shipping due to all small orders being consolidate in one container.
Apply now & become  wholesale/retail exporter.